An app locker that can password protect only the apps you want.



Hexlock is an app locker that password protects only the apps you want.
Users can create lock profiles that are triggered based on what wi-fi you are connected to.

Off Mode
This mode turns Hexlock off

Active Profile
The app comes pre loaded with lock profiles to give the users an idea for when and where to use the app

Home Profile
Set up Auto Activate to have this profile automatically turned on

Parental Mode
Either for play time or personal use

School Profile
Active profile

Party Profile
Inactive profile

Lock Screen
Use PIN or pattern

Profile Apps List
Choose what apps to lock

Profile Settings
Change name, icon and setup auto activate

Profile Icon
Select profile icon, only icons that are not taken will appear

Auto Activate Setup
Choose what Wi-Fi that should trigger this profile

Notify to Lock New Apps
Add newly installed apps to these profiles